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Every day, people around the world pursue their life’s passions in the face of physical challenges and disabilities. Lifeward is your source for healthcare solutions that go beyond current standards of care to revolutionize what is possible – enabling you to pursue the life you love through improved functional and health outcomes in rehabilitation and daily life.

  • Our dedicated Personal Care Team is ready to partner with you every step of the way by helping you evaluate and trial your options, providing guidance on reimbursement, and supporting your progress in the clinic, at home, and in your community.
  • Join the vibrant ReWalker community and benefit from a global resource of ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton users available to provide guidance and advice from their own experiences.

I’m in full control of the suit knowing I can trust the suit, balance using the crutches. Having the option to climb up and down stairs is priceless.

Simon Kindleysides
ReWalker since 2017

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ReStore Exo-Suit

Accelerate walking recovery after stroke using robotics during physical therapy to promote restoration of functional walking patterns.
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Experience the health and quality of life benefits of using functional electrical stimulation (FES) to power your own muscles during recumbent cycling in the home and clinic.
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AlterG Anti-Gravity Systems

Innovative treadmills with a pressurized air chamber to reduce gravitational load, empowering people to move in new ways and without pain—for mobility, wellness, and physical performance.
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Personal Care Team

Lifeward is your partner through the evaluation, trial, training process, reimbursement support and beyond, with dedicated care team members for each step of the way.

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Three ReWalkers standing together in a field.

Medicare Reimbursement Established for Medically Eligible Beneficiaries

Finalized Medicare reimbursement pathway for personal exoskeletons expands access for all eligible Medicare beneficiaries On April 11, 2024, Medicare finalized its reimbursement for the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton, which marks a significant milestone for the spinal […]

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The Value of Access

Learn how access to environments with stairs and curbs can improve opportunities for users to experience the benefits of walking.

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ReWalker and Paralyzed US Veteran Gene L. Discusses His Experience With The ReWalk Exoskeleton

US Veteran Gene was one of the first Veterans to receive a ReWalk Exoskeleton through the VA policy in 2015. Hear how the ReWalk has changed his life.

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ReStore Exo-Suit: Patient Packet

Downloadable info to bring to your clinician to discuss the ReStore Exo-Suit

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MYOLYN Downloadable Resources

Downloadable info to bring to your clinician to discuss the MYOLYN FES Bike

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Each of the medical devices from Lifeward has different pricing, depending on an individual's insurance situation and other factors. Lifeward has a dedicated reimbursement team that can discuss and potentially assist you with questions regarding coverage and reimbursement. Different payers apply different policies, and we have experience working with VA, Medicare, workers compensation, and other insurance options. For more information, please contact the team at Lifeward using the form here.

The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton allows individuals with spinal cord injury to experience the many benefits of walking during daily activities. While not intended as a replacement for the wheelchair, the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton provides an option for paralyzed individuals to engage in weight-bearing, standing, and ambulatory activities as a part of their ongoing care plan to manage the secondary health and wellness complications that result from spinal cord injury.

The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton has been assigned to the Medicare brace benefit category as of January 1, 2024. It is covered by Medicare where reasonable and necessary. The reasonable and necessary determination is made based on the beneficiary’s particular factual circumstances, as described in the medical record.

The ReStore Exo-Suit was developed by Lifeward and is the first product FDA cleared to utilize exo-suit technology for rehabilitating walking ability after stroke.
The MyoCycle Home is FDA cleared to prevent muscle atrophy, reduce spasms, increase blood flow, and increase range of motion. The MyoCycle Home’s advanced automatic calibration system delivers the level of resistance or assistance that is right for you so you get the best workout possible. MYOLYN also works closely with your medical team to ensure that you are progressing toward your therapy goals.

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