Innovation in Motion: A portfolio of life-changing solutions

Lifeward (previously ReWalk Robotics) is the leading source of innovations that support healthcare professionals in delivering life-changing results for people with physical limitations or disability and helping individuals to achieve results they never thought possible. Our portfolio of proven solutions spans the continuum of care, delivering functional and health benefits in clinical settings as well as in the home and community. Lifeward supports clinicians and patients every step of the way to revolutionize what is possible in rehabilitation, recovery, and the pursuit of life’s passions in the face of physical limitations or disability.

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ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

Experience the benefits of walking with the leader in exoskeleton technology

Now providing access to stairs and curbs

State-of-the-art technology that enables paralyzed individuals to access the health-related benefits of walking from the comfort of their home and community setting.

ReStore Exo-Suit

Experience the benefits of gait training with paretic propulsion post-stroke

Versatile, robotic gait-training solution designed to promote restoration of functional walking patterns post-stroke.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Systems

Defy the effects of gravity and redefine what’s possible in rehabilitation and training

Innovative treadmills with a pressurized air chamber to reduce gravitational load, empowering people to move in new ways and without pain—for mobility, wellness, and physical performance.


The therapeutic benefits of FES cycling made easy

Easy-to-use, functional electrical stimulation that allows individuals with weakened or paralyzed legs to therapeutically cycle in the clinic or at home.

ReWalk: By the Numbers

10+ Years of Pioneering Exoskeleton Technology
800+ ReWalk Personal Exoskeletons in use worldwide
20+ Dedicated Support Personnel
300+ Clinical Training Partners
“Using the ReWalk has been life-changing for me. Because of this technology, I’ve been able to accomplish things that I never would have thought possible after I sustained a spinal cord injury.”  
Derek Herrera, Marine Raider, Special Operations Officer